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Welcome to GCMC EspaceMUSE
GCMC EspaceMUSE is a club designed to connect creators (artist, artisan, intellectuel, and innovator) to citizens and corporations on a global scale.
Through the activities of this club, we develop following purposes;
1. Offering the fields of various expression for creators,
2. Creating encounter and exchange among creators, citizens and corporations all over the world,
3. Developping arts, culture and civilization,
4. Exploring a new way to develop and research for "traditional" and "the latest" creation,
5. Promoting "democracy of mecenat",
6. Researching on "Creativity and Life".
For these purposes, we organize various projects throughtout the year.
All who agree with these purposes will be welcomed to GCMC EspaceMUSE. 
We want you to join our movement !    
●For registration of Global Creator Member【individual, company/corporation】, please contact us.