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About Us


 Espace MUSE 


Date of foundation 

Le 28 mai 2010 


Mihoko NAJIMA 


 1403 Win Aoyama 15-2 Minami-Aoyama 2-Chome Minato-Ku Tokyo JAPON

 postal code: 107-0062


+81 (0)50 5806 3674(Japan) / +33 (0)97 040 7931(France)

Group companies 

KOKUBO Research Institute

KOKUBO Communication  

Atelier Myriad Happiness

Our major clients

DANONE, DMC, TOTAL, Radio-France, 3-Suisses, Monoprix, Credit Mutuel,

Safran, BHV,

Renault, Rossignol, Hôtel de CRILLON, Ville de Paris, Ville de Neuilly, Toray, Denso,

Nippon Television Network Cooperation, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 

Espace MUSE  | Win Aoyama 1403 15-2-2 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0062 JAPAN
 TEL: +81 (0)50 5806 3674 / +33 (0)97 040 7931(France) |


President & CEO

Message from the President


Espace MUSE has developed our services and projects as "Value Promoter" since our establishment in 2010.


Our mission is elevating and spreading our client's value of <individual, thing, organization, service, and culture> to the maximum by means of three strategic methods; 1.Connect, 2.Create, 3.Pedagogy.


Value is  criteria for judgement, motivation for behavior, sources of economy, and reasons for living.


It is true that all the existences have their unique value, but it is also real that those innate value rarely shine if they are untapped. Value depends on a spirit of the time, trends, psychological dispositions of groups, common sense, habits, and the international and social situation.


Thanks to the rapid progress of IT and the infiltration of democracy, a range of individual choice has broaden and people's lifestyle, idea, and taste have become diversified. The more they have become diversified, the more our sense of value have become complicated. We are now in the vortex of valuable change to question, rethink, and recreate our value.


In this age of quick-paced changing of value, we offer and develop the value promotion along with client's goals and missions. Beyond the rigid limit or stereotype, we elevate and broaden our client's value, and lay the foundation so as our clients to be able to inherit them.


Through our operations, we aim to contribute to the personal life, community, and rich cultural environment of human beings.



 Espace MUSE  | Win Aoyama 1403 15-2-2 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0062 JAPAN

TEL: +81 (0)50 5806 3674 |